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  1. Akaiken Nov 03, 2015

    Been a while...

    Anyone here been watching the new series, Iron-Blooded Orphans?

  2. HaouJudai6 Mar 07, 2015

    Hope to be accepted and kinda new to Gunpla. Want to build Gundam Epoyn & 00 Raiser.

  3. Cirru Dec 07, 2014

    Quote by becktheultimatemagei like gundam seed and dubble 0

    Gundam Seed feels a lot like the original Gundam but with a Gundam WIng twist (to me anyway). Have really been enjoying the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (manga) as it has been released in the US. : )

  4. becktheultimatemage Dec 05, 2014

    i like gundam seed and dubble 0

  5. Cirru May 11, 2014

    Is anyone else looking forward to the new episode of Gundam Unicorn? : )

  6. Akaiken Mar 27, 2014

    Quote by CirruThat looks cool, Akaiken : ) Gun, shield, twin beam sabers, and what is strapped on the back?

    Just starting to rewatch Gundam Wing.

    It's the bazooka that's strapped on the back. :)

  7. Cirru Mar 27, 2014

    That looks cool, Akaiken : ) Gun, shield, twin beam sabers, and what is strapped on the back?

    Just starting to rewatch Gundam Wing.

  8. Akaiken Mar 27, 2014

    Mi Master Grade! :3

  9. Cirru Oct 22, 2013

    Are you going to post pictures when it is done, Akaiken?

  10. Akaiken Oct 04, 2013

    Been a while here...

    I recently bought the MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 3.0. For now I'm just building the inner frame. :D

  11. z827 Jan 15, 2013

    Lulz , funnily enough Extreme VS players tends to hate on 0081 and Assault Survive.
    Extreme VS was pretty decent but I generally prefer my Mecha games to be...uhh... more Mecha oriented. ( and I definitely prefer suit variety )
    Still , I'm twiddling my thumbs for a possible Full Boost Port. ( Since Kidou Senshi Gundam UC doesn't actually have a Banshee... *sigh* )

    Hopefully the upcoming Gundam Breaker game wouldn't prove to be a disappointment.... and hopefully there would be a 0079 game after Origins.

  12. gundamknight Jan 15, 2013

    !_! nice'd had free time lately. I imported gundam extreme vs. but after playing UC 0081 it seems a bit lacking.. I figure you've played both of those though lol.

    Quote by Akaiken100% Complete MS List on SD Gundam G Generation Overworld and also done with the story. Wonder if I'm going to go for Hell Mode...? It's gone boring... O_O

  13. Akaiken Jan 11, 2013

    100% Complete MS List on SD Gundam G Generation Overworld and also done with the story. Wonder if I'm going to go for Hell Mode...? It's gone boring... O_O

  14. z827 Oct 18, 2012

    Yeah but we're getting the Origins Anime... wonder whose going to take on the role though.

    Anyways , I've gone quite far in this game and I'm probably going to complete the suit list if I have the time - just left with a couple of suits here and there.
    Completing the 00 Gundam listing was a complete pain in the arse though - you'd need to develop Exia right into it's 00 Quanta state and then REVERSE develop into the other Gundam Meister suits.

    Battleships are also impossibly expensive now - though I still managed to get the Soleil and Ra Cailum :P

  15. Akaiken Oct 18, 2012

    Been playing it for some time now. Not that far but already got Unicorn Gundam, Banshee Gundam, Sinanju, Hi-Nu, Nightingale, Delta Gundam Kai, Wing Zero, Epyon, to name a few... :D

    Dun expect Sayla Mass cuz her CV already died.

  16. z827 Sep 28, 2012

    SD Gundam G Generation Overworld is released chaps.
    I haven't gotten in too far yet ( Well , it IS just released ) but some units have new attacks and the system is restructured.
    Some characters don't have voices... namely Sayla Mass.

    *Flips the entire Axis over in a pure fit of rage*

  17. Akaiken May 29, 2012

    Bought the RG Zaku II Char Custom a few weeks back. Plastic's a bit scary but the detail is pretty good.

  18. z827 May 13, 2012

    Yeah , it looks pretty detailed and from what I heard , it combines the elements of the other Grades into one package but I guess the issue would be the scale.
    1/144 may be convenient for some whom have limited space for storage but it may also be too small for people whom wants something bigger :P

  19. Akaiken May 13, 2012

    Anyone here interested on Real Grade (RG)?

  20. z827 Apr 17, 2012

    Speaking of the Sazabi - they've released a DLC for a duel with the legendary Red Comet in Gundam Unicorn and the White Devil himself :s
    I nearly got my arse kicked in both occasions - those funnels are annoying and you can't use the NT-D either.

  21. Akaiken Apr 17, 2012

    Only a couple of PGs are available... too expensive to make one. :P

    And MGs are quite expensive, as well, so most of the units are being brought to life through 1/144 scale models. And there are times that HG 1/144 scale are better than MG 1/100 (Sazabi to make example).

  22. z827 Apr 08, 2012

    Well , I'd probably buy some PG for my favorites - but I don't think they have one for those Mobile Suits.
    Not that I have the time anyway :P

    I usually stick to MG as well - I choose quality over quantity.

  23. gundamknight Apr 08, 2012

    A PG is a a very unique experience. While I dearly love my PG wzc, I find that the time and patience required to satisfaction per cost to be one that keeps me in the MG range. Anything below that just isn't detailed enough for me though. I'd say stick with the MGs and at some point if you really want a fun time sink, pick a favorite PG

  24. z827 Apr 04, 2012

    Well... I'm not so sure about patience and discipline ( I've been through Design and Technology lessons and their way harder ) though I think having nimble hands is pretty much the point here.
    I remember the amount of times of which I dropped Sinanju's belt beads on the table ( Which bounced off to the ground ) and ended up searching for it all over the place :s

    Still , I've never bought a Perfect Grade so I don't really know how it works.

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